Indian food is highly misunderstood when it comes to healthy eating. It's not all oil, fat and salt, just as Indian food is not all hot and spicy. Some dishes are much lower in fat and calories than others, and spices (cooked in a variety of ways) help food retain nutrients as well as flavour. Please read on for more specific advice, aimed particularly at customers with fitness and weight loss goals.


A small salad makes a great starter. Think twice about fried starters, such as poppadums, samosas, bhajis and pakora, delicious though they may be. If your determined to indulge, you could always share a portion!


Dishes made with lentils (dahls) and chickpeas are relatively low in fatty oils and butter but high in fibre and protein. They will also help you feel fuller.

When choosing meat-based dishes, opt for lean, grilled meats (especially chicken) or Tandoori style preparation. Tandoori is prepared in a clay over and not fried.

Delhi 2 Go provides a tasty range of grilled chicken dishes, with or without our unique Peri Peri sauce.

Vegetable dishes are relatively lower in fat than meat dishes and relatively higher in fibre and nutrients. Opt for dishes made with fresh vegetables, like Aloo Gobi or Mixed Vegetable. Dishes that contain Paneer are in fact cheeses scoring high in fat content.

Potatoes are modestly calorific but not as high as pasta. Avoid thin cut fries if possible, or share a portion.

Dishes with tomato-based sauces, such as bhuna, rogan josh and madras, are healthier options. Gravy based dishes are higher in calories, as are creamy curries such as korma, pasanda, malai and masala dishes.


Fill your plate with fresh salad. Delhi 2 Go prepares a tantalising choice fresh every day.

If you want rice, choose plain rice instead of pilau, but there is normally oil in both to give them flavour and texture.

Roti, a flat bread made with wheat or whole wheat flour is a healthier choice, as are oven baked chapatis. Naan breads tend to be high in calories and generous in size too.


Water is perfect, as well as calorie free. Sugar free drinks are also an option. Drink before and during your meal. It aids digestion and keeps you hydrated.

If you need more advice, or a specific action taken (such as no salt on your fries, or remove skin off grilled chicken) dont hesitate to tell us when you order.

Thankyou for your custom.

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